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Oil Pumps & Oil Dispensers

If you’re looking for oil equipment, look no further. We have a wide range of high quality equipment including oil pumps, oil dispensers and more. We have volt pumps in 12V, 24V, 110V, and 230V. We also have waste oil pumps, barrel pumps, and air driven pumps. Or check out our oil pump kits which include a pump, oil hose reel, and more. We also have oil dispensers and waste oil collectors including models with wheels so you can easily bring them anywhere. Our range also includes retractable oil hose reels. We also have barrel equipment including drum trolleys. Our nozzles are great for dispensing or transferring oil. Our flow meters accurately measure the flow. As for our jugs and funnels, they’re extremely useful when dispensing a small amount of oil.

240v pumps
5:1 oil pump Trolley-Kit
fuel hose / ad-blue hose
Lubricant Barrell-pump

Grease Equipment & Tools

If you’re working with lubricants and oil, our greasing equipment and tools will prove highly useful. They’re suitable for small and medium sized applications. Shop trusted brands like Flexbimec, Groz, and Reelworks to handle heavy duty tasks. Our grease guns are great for quickly applying grease or lubricants to moving parts or machinery.  Or check out our grease pump systems, including air greasers and bucket greasers. You can also transfer grease with our grease reels, including models with or without a hose. Our range also includes other accessories like an air regulator, lock on coupler, grease feeder, and more.

Pistol grip grease gun
air operated grease dispenser
manual bucket greaser
auto lube grease bucket pump

AdBlue Equipment & Supplies

You can now easily store, monitor and refuel AdBlue with our range of AdBlue equipment. Our supplies are ideal for small to industrial-sized workshops handling AdBlue. Choose from a range of Ad Blue pumps including hand pumps. We also stock AdBlue flow meters, reels, nozzles, and more. Our nozzles include a model that automatically shuts off when the vehicle tank is full. If you’re looking for an all-in one solution, we also have Adblue kits. Or check out our AdBlue hose which is a direct replacement for PIUSI AdBlue pump kits. We even have hose tail fittings and various adapters.

2500L ad-blue tank
ad-blue nozzel
ad blue pump
ad-blue flow meter
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